One on the Bund

So we’v begun early for next issue’s shoots… 6 months earlier in fact.. haha.

So this is one of our outdoor shoots…at Old clifford Pier, a restaurant called “One on the Bund” serving asian/shanghai cuisine. A fabulous place to hold an impressive meeting or wedding dinner.

Pisces Lim (hair) with Eloise

Also i’ve been really bored and at the spur of the moment decided to read the whole series of Twilight. Since last year my sister (and basically almost every female around) has been gushing over Edward cullen…WHO IS HE MAN???

I couldnt accept the idea of reading twilight till now so i ask my sis to quickly hand them over before i lose the feeling. Now i’m finished with all 4 books…Edward is SO-SO only la.. though i have to say most guy probably wont every be as dreamy…and if ever had to get a girl in mind that look like Bella (The vampire version) It would be the model below:

My sis says she look likeasian Jessica Alba,i

just think shes too pretty already…omg so sweet…22 years old and MARRIED!!!(at 19 some more) omg…..but shes such a gem..if i’m the guy i also wanna quickly marry her to myself.

One on the Bund is the old ferry terminal we used to go to Kushu Island and stuff.. now its converted to this restaurant plus museum of sorts. Very Shanghai Tang…also i love the huge open space!

This is Sherry, sweet as hell…very comfortable, fun and bubbly.
Their Desserts
The open air deck

Grand entrance.
Indoor dining and bar.. the more modern concept

Indoor dining as well..but has a more asian aspect, also the interior on this side is designed in a way to have more privacy for customers

Lots of fun…and if u have the chance (and money) go eat at One on the Bund, absolutely gorgeous place.