2 weeks more

In 2 weeks time i’ll be going to Europe! I’ll be arriving at paris first and helping lingling finish her final year couture collection.

After which i’ll be traveling around europe…perhaps first stop switz to see ying ying!!if my fren dawn can come by later that will be great! then i can go down to southern france with her as well as…italy/greece/spain!!.

If Lingling has time..we’ll head down to belgium and antwerp and see all the artsy fashion related scenes.

Finally, Ben is coming down early july i might join him to walk ard london! Or i’ll stay with Diana a week or 2 in london!! i’m probably not traveling north cos i’m not a “cold” person.

All plans are murky right now but coming into shape!! 2 weeks before i say “Bonjour Paris!”

So i leave you with this.


If you read this entry in envy, don’t.

Because you can do the same, you can travel and see the world. Don’t for a second, give yourself half-lame excuses about ur work, studies and money.

Make it happen and go!!

Do it cos… when are you ever going to do it, if you dont do it now? In the very same aspect to anything you desire, dont tell yourself… you cant get it cos this and that…etc..

Its a personal choice.

Every decision u make, brought you to where u are now.
It was entirely ur choice.

Dont you think its time to see the world?

🙂 We’re all waiting for you.