Happenings of the week.

I look so 1950s yeah..haha i just need a cheong sam!!

Well anyway just having fun with the girls, did one last assignment before heading for europe!! lol i havent started packing!! for 3 months oh gosh!!

Holland V with sister
Found some really cute muscial globes.
About $80 to $200
But really pretty 🙂

I found these tres tres chic looking clutch/purse. They come in all sizes!! ranging from $16 to $36 i think…anyway all at holland v

Has a chain sling 🙂 v pretty and good quality
if i didnt go to europe i’d buy these but i gotta save for my budget 😦

Outings with my girls before europe!!

Didi and my baby’s breath flowers on her head.

Sure will miss her 🙂