Eiffel Tower

Today was eiffel tower day!!

I spent the day to see this beautiful structure and its surrounds. I always thought wats the big deal about this structure…and all the bullshit about it link to love and romance.

But the truth is when you actually stand there… looking at the structure itself, you find yourself marvelling at it and its actually truely quite breathtaking…regardless to its links in romance.

Before i headed off to see the eiffel, earlier i made a necklace using lingling’s scrap fabric..turn out quite pretty and matched well with my outfit hee… 🙂

Now everyone seems to just sit down in the open parks, bask in the sun, have lunch, read a book, fall in love and simply do nothing. It amazing me alot, afterall i’m singaporean. Dont they have work??

Check out hte lovely roses behind me, thats what i was trying to take haha.

Cool strawberry icecream on a hot day!

When everyone talks about paris…they all dream of that pretty little cafe filled with pretty little cakes like these…these are truely exquiste…not to mention pricey as well..
However so worth buying once and sitting by the sidewalks to people watch.

Their normal alley ways…selling fruits, meat, flowers etc…

Me and my lunch. 🙂 3 euros for abit of france.