Marais on Sunday!

Went to this chic boho street call the Marais…except its not really a street and its the jewish community of paris… most places are closed on sundays but Marais is open on sundays but closed on Saturdays….

lots of pretty lifestyle things (kinda like ann siang street) and cute local brands. Food is fantastic, tried a falafell(i cant remember the name) awesome!Its like some wrap totally stuffed with veg and grilled chicken(or any meat of choice) and some yummy yoghurt dressing. Ohoh! i also ate some jewish pastries and crepes. i love the several bakeries there. unbelieveable yummy.

I stumbled upon this museum for some 19th century paintings and furniture…very pretty. I love the way the vines cover the walls..and this miniature maze. 🙂

A popular cafe, food looks great.

Inside a jewish Bakery! Yum!

Rat cookies..kinda cute actually.

Popular Gelato shop.
Several pple were eating this around the area. I cant understand why would anyone eat it on such a cold and windy day.

Pompeedu(i cant remember how its spelt haha)

i miss the Falafell.