Maiden(Merchant) of Venice

Hello guys i’m back from Italy and i sure had fun!!!

This post i’m posting just on places in Venice!! Such a pretty place…well not venice but the surrounding islands, which you must must must must visit when you go Venice 🙂

Venice “streets”

Venice at night

Festival of Mask

When you come to venice…you must at least see a Gondola..but if you aint rich, don’t bother trying to ride one..they come in a hefty price

$50 to 90 euros per person

The thing was when i reached Venice, it was raining, dark, cold and miserable. Sure didnt bring out the best in that city..and hence i didnt enjoy it very much. 😦

So me and my travel buddy Dawn decided we should head out to the surrounding island called Lido. Thats wehre i had the most TERRIBLE PIZZA in the world. no kidding.

But Dawn and i concluded you must eat afew bad pizzas before you get the good one and the same goes for gelato..but that would be in my Rome post which i will upload slightly later. 🙂

Lido is a less crowded, cleaner and much more prettier version of Venice. Mostly because it is a resort and residential area of Venice. More cars than in venice lol!!

Me and my purple bike yeahh..

Intrepid explorer :p

While walking around Lido (which essentially is just a sandbar) i found their amazing beach!!

Beautiful, vast, clear and empty!! omg….undiscovered beauty.

Did i ever mention to you that I LOVE EVENINGS???

did i also mention that evenings in europe are fuckig amazing??

cos they are. seriously, makes me wanna get a lover and romance! haha

So here i am in Burano island in the evening…its a 40 min ride away from Lido/Venice but if you’re coming to Venice YOU MUST MUST MUST VISIT Burano!!

Here is why:

Kids playing by the water fountain (found everywhere all over italy)

Handmade lace by the old ladies living in Burano. these are lace bookmarks.

Cute little assorted colorful pasta!!

I swear this town is so gettyimage. The colors blend and match so well together.

How can you miss this when you come to venice?
Come to Burano Island.