Giverny, playground for Monet

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I’ve decided to take a trip out of paris to Giverny which is where the famous Monet gardens are. If you dont know what i’m talking about: Monet is a famous impressionist painter whose paintings of his gardens has made him famous mostly with (americans in the past) the world.

Do google Monet, waterlilies to see wat i mean! beautiful.

I love giverny cos its only 45 mins away from paris yet a world of a difference. Everything is so quaint and pretty here. In fact i’d like to think that the surrounds around monet’s garden is prettier then the garden itself.

Details on this trip will be mention at the end.

After walking around Giverny i spent most of my day picnicing by the stream i found somewhere. i love it 🙂 heres what i packed for lunch!!

Honestly this is such a great place to do so many photoshoots..i could imagine a etheral one…or an alice in wonderland…ohh so many others!!

i wasnt really was an accident..was trying to put my flower on. haha.
Theres a long stream that cuts across Giverny so if youre here try to find that stream and walk along it. you’ll find many beautiful surprises!!

A rickety makeshift bridge! i like!

testing water…

Country houses in Giverny

Down the rabbit hole!!

Fresh lavender is everywhere..just pluck one and smell it…
i used to hate lavender smells when i was in singapore but coming here and smelling real ones…has made me love it more!

Inside Monet Gardens is also his house.
Cute house!

this is so TUMBLR.

The famous water liliy pond!

Arent these flowers gorgeous (actually i have tons of pictures but i cant load all of them!!)
🙂 You know one of the things i enjoy in europe? white furry floating fluffy things. like dandelions and i duno those summery furry things tat falls off trees (in my later pictures) i love blowing them away!!
dandelions here are huge!! (europe) this one is the size of a baseball and when they float away its just so precious the moment could never be captured!
These are the furry things from trees i was mentioning…when i first came it was all over paris, marking the beginning of summer.It was like summer snow.

This short day trip was wonderful…one of the best experience i’ve ever had.
If you’re coming down to paris with an extra day to spare (or youre a country kinda person)
How to get here:
Paris – Vernon- Giverny
Its not hard, pretty simple 🙂
Look at ur paris metro map.
You can take the metro and drop off at any of this stops & walk to Gare Saint Lazare via their underground tunnels:
Purple line 14 -Saint Lazare
Olive line 9 – Saint augustin
Pink RER E – Haussmann Saint – lazare
When you reach Gare Saint Lazare (Gare=trainstation) You find the SNCF office to buy ur tickets (i suggest u buy in advance cos of the long queue)
Purchase a ticket for Paris- Vernon
(There is a shuttle bus from Vernon-Giverny that is timed to the train)
Tickets: $12.50(1way) $25(return) euros.
First train:8.20am Last train: 6.52pm
When you reach there look out for a shuttle bus along the outside of the station going to GIVERNY. You can buy your tix on the bus.
Tix: $4 euros (return)
Alternatively, you can rent a bike and cycle to Giverny(4km) the sights along the way are very beautiful. Bike rental is available at a cafe right opposite the station,
Rental : $12 euros (approx. not sure)
Claude Monet Foundation (garden + house)
Tix: $6 euros
note: no eating in the premises.
Musee des impressionismes
Tix: $6.50 euros
Note: unless you like impressionist paintings and art, dont bother.
Buy some souvenirs back!! i bought a lovely scarf with a monet print on it :)) will wear it soon!
You can stay overnight, they ahve some B&B in quint country house ranging from 50 to 100 euros a room/night so its best to stay with more pple!! i cant stay..would have loved to but 50 euros a night is beyond my budget!