Moulin Rouge, Paris

I cant tell you enough about how much i love Baz lurhmann’s flims. With much endearment to the show Moulin Rouge.
If you havent watch Moulin Rouge (starring Nicole Kidman, Ewan Mcgregor) you should watch it. One of the best love musicals i’ve enjoyed.
Set in one of the shadiest backdrops of Paris..Moulin Rouge is about a love story between a poor writer and a beautiful dancer/courtersan. I love how the story writes so beautifully about love prevailing everything else. How even in the crummiest of places, one can find love and beauty.
I love the song “Come what May” written specially for this movie.

And so since i’m in paris i definately have to see moulin rouge, i didnt go in for the show cos i hosnestly think its different from the movie lol!!
When i stood there at night looking at the windmill turn away, i imagine Satine looking out the window for christian…how romantic if only i had a love like this.

Other street “lights” around the corner!

Oh Moulin rouge…i’m romancing away.
If you’re wondering: Moulin Rouge can be found right outside the entrance of the metro Blanche. It is at the foot of montmartre and near the Montmartre museum.
And yes i did go there ALONE and AT NIGHT. Its pretty safe, afew people mention to me that the red light district there is one of the most dangerous but it isnt.
As long as you’re not dressing to draw “customers” and dont look so overly suspicious of everyone you’ll be fine. In paris/europe i find that very often people come up to talk to you randomly. It doesnt mean they wanna steal or rape you…some just like to talk. You just need to know who to ignore and who u’d like to decline nicely.
Also theres always police walking round the area…in most parts of paris so dont worry.