Positano, italy

Hello people! sorry i’ve not been updating.

right now i’m in Pisa but updating my last destination, Positano, Italy. I watched “under the tuscan sun” once and i was amazed by the beauty of the little town positano in the movie. so here i am to see it myself.

It doesnt take much words to tell u how beautiful it is. More details about travel and living at the end 🙂

The view from Nocello town.

The famous le sirenise hotel

The lemons are huge there!! you must try everything lemon!

Prep for wat to buy there:

Seaside chapel on the cliffsides of Nocello


Positano Italy is a small costal town along the Almafi Coast with idealic pastel houses liningthe mountains all the way down to the beach. Great romance paradise.

How to get there:

ROME- Positano

Fly to Roma and take a Mazzori Bus (5 hours) – 20 euros
You can also get to positano by Naples, Sorrento or Salerno.
During summer you can take ferries from all 3 destination which will only take an 1hour plus. and cost about $6 to $10(one way) or you could take the SITA bus from any of these destinations.

Where to stay:

For a cheapo like me, i stayed in hostel brikette (the only hostel in positano) because this town is usually for the rich and influential to play, most are either pricey or rates goes by rooms and can range for 50 to 500 euros etc..(or more)
Hostel brikette i stayed for 27 euros a night and if u pay by cash its about 24 euros. Its pretty good and clean..has a bar and free wifi and a beautiful location with a open balcony to enjoy the view of positano. Near to tabbacchi and bustops, easy to get around.
How to get around Positano:
Its easy to get around. My suggestion get lost in positano’s little alleys, walk down and take a bus up. they have indications how to get to the beach or town center so its ok. Buses cost 1.10 euro and u can buy tix on the bus (1.50 euro) or tabbachi.

What to eat:
haha have a lemon granita which is only 1.50 euro as a cool sweet drink by the beach. try their tomatoes, peaches and lemons. If you’re on a budget theres small cafes selling sandwich at 4 euros onwards but if not…nice restaurants for a main plat at 9.50 euros is seriously quite affordable!!
If you have abit of money, try to have dinners by the coastal ledge cafes…so worth the money = good food + fantastic view!!

Things to do:
1) tan on the beach
You can pay $11 for a umbrella and sunbed or just grab a towel and lie onthe free pebble beach. There are 2 beaches so you can pick whichever u prefer.
2)Get lost in the alleys
its really beautiful to walk through the little stairways and nooks and crannies. amazing views from every angle. best time to walk: Evening. its not hot and the colors of skies changes as you move about from blue- orange-pink-grey.
3) Do some resort shopping
Positano is famous for their lemon products so buy whateva you can, lemon chocolates/candies/candles/perfume/liquer/aprons!! Buy lots of Lemon granitas to cool u down in the hot weather (1.50 euros)

Clothes are very resort-like. White dresses/blouses/skirts in all designs and patterns of white and blue…or you could choose some which are in a nice hue of purple. Positano is famous for their custom-made sandals and comes in various designs and colors, be sure to buy one! Theres also loafers and ballet pumpes tat are made from the locals! ranging from $49 to $115 euros.

Accessories yourself with hats from 10 to 15 euros and colorful chunky jewellery!!
I couldnt resist and bought myself a pair of loafers at $85(sgd) which was quite worth it for some high quality handmade suede loafers. 🙂
4) Visit neighbouring island
Positano is in a great location to visit other island or coastal towns:
Capri island tour (40 euros or 30 euros for just the ferry there)
Almafi town (6 euro plus a long ferry ride along the coast)
Naples/Pompeii (see the ancient town but be warned there is no shade and is extremely big and HOT) you can take the ferry or Sita bus
Montepertuso/Nocelle (1.10 euro just a 15 min ride further up of positano to see amazing views of the coast and more quiet and quaintier town)
5) Relax
On a balcony by the stairs…heck anywhere would be pretty good and thats how beautiful positano is. Or at night head down to the local night scene: Music on the Rocks which is near the beach situated along a cliff for some amazing hang out.
If youre thinking that positano is a playground for rich people its not…but you cant go without spending abit of money…here is my estimate for a budget allowance (3 nights):
Food and transport: 60 euros
Capri island: 40 euros
Beach tan: 11 euros (or free)
shopping needs : 100 euros ( for a loafers/sandals and a dress n hat)
visiting other islands: 20 to 40 euros dependable on how many island u visit
Total: about 230 euros minimum to splurge (exclude trip here and stay in brikette)