Lake Como, Italy

the reason why i am in Lake Como is this video and it amazes me how just this 5min video has made me travel so far to get here to see this for myself. Lake como is really truely beautiful and if you’re in Milan you have to make a hour’s train ride down to this beautiful place.

The beautiful town of Bellagio

In the little alleys of Bellagio which is at the splitting of Lake como, also known as the pearl of the lake.

Along the way from Como town to Bellagio, i stop by a smaller town called Cerano (or something)
here are some pictuers taken there 🙂

And some random shots of Como as well..

There are things you can buy from Bellagio like leather goods, nice handmade leather bags, woodcrafts and sailor inspired ornaments

My stock up on fooddddd

I splurge in my last days in Italy and at Bellagio i ate one of their Lake fishes..super yums and only 10 euros

One of the many Villas we visited …this one is the one at Bellagio:
Villa Melzi

Houses in Lake como

This is Lezzeno town

i like this shot… its like a triangle relationship!!

I so very much wanted to steal the boat captain’s hat…contemplatent for the longest time…in the end i didnt get to steal it cos he came at the very last min to wear it on the last disembarkation

Evenings on the top of Lake como, Como town.

i love Como alot and i will come back again soon, plus is a great place to come if you’re in milan, its only an hour ride away yet a world of difference. A good weekend vacation trip 🙂 I say spend at least 3 days in lake como ( or more)
How to get there:
Milan – Como town – Bellagio

You can go via Venice/Verona or Milan, but its actually closer to Milan so the easiest is by train. After you arrive in Milan take a metro to station Cardona FS and take a train to Como lago FS cost: 3.6 euros.
(alternatively u can take from centrale fs to S. Giovanni station in como)

Where to stay:

I stayed in In Riva Al Lago in lake como for about 45 per person (but u get the whole room) + breakfast included and i would reccomend staying 1 night in Como town. This hotel is fairly decent and next to Como lago FS.

As for bellagio i’ve not stayed that but after visiting lake como i realise i should have. I would reccomend you stay not along the main walking deck of Bellagio but in the hotels deep inside the town which are much more beautiful. Some names i can mention:
Hotel Nuovo Miralago/ 80 euros per rm
Hotel La Pergola/ 95 euros per rm

How to get around Lake como:

By bus – buy a tix at the bigletteria next to the train station C30 takes you from Lake como to Bellagio and it also passes by some towns along the route where u can jump off and explore as well 🙂 Cost: 2.75 euros /1.30 euros (to smaller towns buy from tabbacchi)

By ferry – There are alot of ferries operating during this time and it comes every few hours so you must plan wat time u prepare to leave. It cos about 6 euros for a 1 way trip, 18 euros for a full day trip to almost all of the towns + entrance fee to some villa(tats 22 euros), 11 euros for inter town ferry shuttles in the Centre of lake como (near bellagio)
I suggest, take a bus to Lake como, buy 11 euros inter town ferry shuttle and move around for the day. tix can be bought at the ferry terminal.

What to eat:

Oh lala…eat anything u like there, its cheap to eat good here. I tried their grilled local lake fish for about 10 euros which includes a generous bowl of salad and hot piping bread.. i would suggest you eat in bellagio instead of como town, but if u have to eat in como dont eat at the main square.
most meals are about 6 euros to 10 euros and quite affordable, almost the same price as you would pay in singapore for a western meal.

As for the hobo life, there is Carrefour and macdonalds in Como town to sustain ur daily living.

Eat the gelato in Bellagio it is PERFECTO.

VERY IMPORTANT!: take the funicular up from Como town and have dinner in their restaurants up there. there is one that has a fantastic view of the town and mountains and their meals only cos about 11 to 15 euros. Its near the funicular, when u reach, instead of walking up..walk downwards and u see this cafe/tabbachi near the road leading down to the viewing point of the mountain.

What to do:

Might i suggest about 3 full days (at least) in lake como?

First day – Como Town
If you arrive in the afternoon at about 12noon its fine. Take a walk around Como town, check the ferry/bus timings and visit the villa Olmo and the piazza and Duomo. Theres actually not much to see there but its most convenient to get to Milan or has major stores like Carrefour and Macdonalds.

At about 3.30 or 4pm take the funicular up to the mountain tops. Not only does it have a fantastic view of the City and the whole of lake como, you can also do one of the many view things:
– Hike to Volta Lighthouse, i warn you its quite a hike but well worth it when you reach the top with the amazing view of Lake como!!
– Walk around the estate on the top, Como city is rather poor compared to the villas on top the hills, some are quite majestic.
– Have dinner at one of the many restaurant on top, it cost about 11 to 15 euros.
2nd day
Take a bus and stop along towns like Careno and Lezzeno to discover a more quaint laidback side of lake como…where real resident live. Spend the rest of the day discovering the whole of bellagio..get lost and walk down the little alleys and up the hills, you’ll discover wonderful things.
Stay overnight in bellagio and enjoy the evening sunset.
3rd day
Mid Lake towns
Buy a full day ferry ticket for the mid lake shuttle (11 euros) and visit towns like Lenno, Tremezzo, Menaggio and verenna which has amazing villas and great lake side pathways.