I got a pocket full of sunshine.

So today is my last day in zurich and i spent like a total of 3 weeks here, bascially doing nothing much. Now alot of you may think its a waste of my time here in europe but really i enjoyed it. Zurich is honestly boring to bits but u still find pockets of sunshine here and there. i will upload (slowly) pictures of my stay in zurich over the next few weeks

Also i have yet to upload:
– Rome
– St Nazaire
– Luzern
– Some parts of paris(i think)
– The 2nd hand stores in zurich :))

Field of Sunflowers

My friends: Cheryl

Ying Ying

Garden Shed in a sea of flowers (sorry i duno why i didnt take pictures of the flowers :(()

Wheat fields

Click picture for bigger panaroma view

Click picture for bigger panaroma view

Sunsets are always my favorites 🙂

To get there:

Take a bus/train/tram to tram stop: Central Station

Take Tram 6, direction to ZOO.
Take the tram all the way to Zoo (its the last stop)
You’ll see the sunflower fields there, you cant miss it for the world. walk further down, there is a hotel and behind the hotel will be the wheat fields, followed by the gardens. Have fun!
Tram/bus 4/13,7,2,15 also stop at Central Station, or u could take a train to Zurich Bahnhoff and walk to Central Station 🙂