A serious matter.

– Nuns and Rosary beads –

Lacing up would be a bitch (thats why its zipped from the back ha!)

– Lawyers and Lettuce –
She looks like Kiera Knightly in real life…just as waif too :/

Under the stairs of the parliment with YSL and Hermes.

I’ve got lucky bunny feet.
I love Ted Baker’s Skirts.


I’m sorry for not blogging recently. Its been a month since i’ve return from Europe. Its been a trip and i love it. I would do it all over again. I’ve started taking up some assisting here and there…(holiday mood hasnt left me) 😛

i’ll try to blog more often…sadly i believe i’ve lost my UK-Brighton pictures 😦 and i dont have any mood to post anything else …