Mid Autumn Festival part 1

 Or also known as the MoonCake festival or Lantern is a festival celebrating Autumn’s arrival (thou singapore doesn’t really have one) It happens yearly at around late september or early october but lights are everywhere!!

It is called many names mainly cos there are several legends linked to this beautiful festival. Some about clandestine lovers, about the rabbit that lives in the moon etc…. More about the different Legends click here.

Can you see the rabbit on the moon?

What i love most about this festival is the lights…all the beautiful lanterns glowing beautifully in the dark. The sparkles, the mooncake and just being with family and friends enjoying the beautiful sky.

Every year Singapore will have a lantern display of huge beautifully lighted up lanterns. Usually, its at the Chinese lake garden but this year they have placed it along Clarke Quay.

I think u can only find it in singapore. Its a remote controlled kite with LED lights attached to it. Its too fast for me to capture but oh so beautiful in the night.