Mid Autumn Festival Part 2

 I love hundreds and thousands.
Like all the colors of the night.

During the months of Aug to October there are many festivals happening. One of them is the Singapore Kite festival. Its pretty amazing to see kites fly amongst Singapore’s tall sky scrapers. On this day free kites and goodie bags are given out and everyone just have a fun evening 🙂

 Singapore’s beautiful skyline.
 Cha Soba Noodles (Greentea noodles) served cold.
 Ebi Tempura (deep fried prawns)
 Salmon Sashimi *yum*
 Oh yeah…Raphi mastered the art of chopsticks.d
 seasoned baby octopus (below)
Avocado and prawn roe maki
So one of the best places to visit in Singapore no matter what season (except hungry ghost festival) is Chinatown. So this Lantern festival, Chinatown is lit up by thousands of beautiful Lanterns and lights.
 Its so strange how one street can be so empty and quiet and another just on the other junction be so bustling and full of life.
 The little stores in Chinatown selling ornaments and such for the Mid Autumn/Lantern Festival.