The Vatican & Sistine Chapel

 Ciao Bella!!
After sorting my blog entries i realise i havent upload several of my photos!! So i know Rome is now freezing cold but here are some warm summer pictures of Rome that perhaps will inspire you to go to Rome next year!!
I’ve heard different people have mix comments about Rome, but to me Rome really is quite beautiful and has too much to explore… a week in Rome would be a good amount of time but if youre staying about 3 days you hardly see anything!!
This entry is on Vatican City and the places we’ve ate at…Pizzas and Gelato! To see more about the places of the gelato and pizza go to my cupcakeloft blog
 Beautiful glassware and tablewear in shops near vatican
 Vatican Collums
 Vincenzo and Mauro!! our CouchSurfing frens! 🙂
  Inside the Sistine Chapel
 Yeah the famous finger pointing is somewhere here haha
 The Spanish Steps
Hoho!! now the food!! food in italy is glorious no matter where i travel!! try just about everything locally made and you’ll fall in love!! in Italy we just gorge Gelato and pizza endlessly!!
 Authentic Pizzeria (check out the chef thats proud to be part of the picture…we’re the only asians there!)
Ahh good bye Rome! more details to come!! Colosseum n Old rome in next entry