I dont have anger. Anger, Montreuil-Juigné

Interestingly, Angers (Montreuil-Juigné) and north-west France is one of the best places i visited in Europe. It is special not only because the place is beautiful but the people whom i’ve met who have made my stay so wonderful. They open their homes and hearts to me despite me being a stranger and showed me a different side of France i never knew.

Thank you Raphaël, Chantal, Jean. Cécile, David, Dominique, Erwann and Maël.

 This trip is rather like a “foreign exchange” trip where i live in the homes of local french people and basically learn more about their everyday life, home deco, culture and food.
Its so different from the Asian culture in every aspect imaginable. For one, they have their tea in the afternoons and they finish work about 4 or 5 and everything is closed about 7pm, They take it easy.
2, they really “theme” their houses, they have WALL PAPER!! how cool is tat..first time for me. In asia, you only see paint. I love Chantal’s house, i love that she has a blue kitchen and bathroom, very cute and crafty. 

3. Most things if possible, are homegrown, like this basket of hand-pluck cherries from the cherry tree in their garden. Serious business are gardening and farming as Jean has a farm of his own and built a beautiful garden of summer flowers .
4. They love their butter and salt, I’m not sure if its just this region but…boy is it way too salty for me.Despite it all, Chantal was a excellent cook and a wonderful guest, i have quite an affinity with her.
A pretty wooden shed
5. Did i tell you to look at the stars? cos you bloody hell better look at them if you here. Imagine Singapore’s sky but X1000!! they have way too many stars! 
On several occasions i’ve looked at stars but one particular night (during a meteor shower) i saw 6 shooting stars of various sizes shoot across the sky within 30 mins.
 Le Cathedrale Saint Maurice 
The town of Anger is quite quaint and beautiful. First that I’ve come acrossed(though at that point I’ve not been to many places yet) I feel like as if i was perhaps somewhere in Switzerland/Germany/salzburg or some north Europe country cos of the architectural style of some of the buildings here.
Believe it or not the picture up there is the whole entire organ which stretches from wall to wall
Raphi noted to me the interesting sidejoke/street name and the orgin of the “three ball guy’s road” (picture above explains everything)
At Jean’s farm rolling hay wheels
I just had to put this up, if not i would feel it is a waste of an incredible photo!!
My first encounter with a wild raspberry!!
I miss these lovely angels: Erwann and Mael
Have you ever wanted to do one of those scenes you often played out in your head? The type that if u saw a golden cornfield you would just run right through it and play chase?
I did.
Except it wasn’t that nice to run in and unless you wore thick long jeans and boots…. you’d probably get stabbed somehow.. 😦
Castle in Anger 
On the 3rd or 4th day we made a day trip to St Nazaire, stopping by afew places…though i honestly cant remember the names of the places as i was enjoying company too much. 
This door is only my waist high
Various toffees and candies.
Oh i have to save up~!
Beautiful St. Nazaire coast line
So we arrived along St. Nazaire’s coastline (Raphi will probably mention i’ve inaccurately named it) I’ve noticed that St.Nazaire seems to be the place to be in summer. Lots of beautiful beachside summer house that seem to be left empty all winter have filled with warmth n children.

From a small little town, St Nazaire/La bowl and built itself to be a pretty upperclass destination to hang out and relax over the summer holidays.

Unfortunately i didnt bring my camera around and took very little shots.

La bowl.
Prettiest wallpaper ever!~!!
Me getting ready to watch the sunset, with dominique’s really comfy hoodie and tons of blanket!
On my way back… French countryside.

I know this set of pictures weren’t great, only because i never expected to take the beauty around me, most of the time i went out without a cam cos i thought there was nothing to see. I was so wrong.
However my 2nd entry on Angers has better shots. 🙂
How to get to Angers:
Its only a 2 hour journey from Paris to Angers. You may buy the train tix from any main train stations or GARE. Dependable on when you book, prices for your trip could be anything from 45 euros to 200 euros (return)
The train station to take from is Gare Montparnasse along line 12, 6 and 4.
Once you arrive in Angers the train station i believe you could just walk around and explore the town yourself. Angers has about 21 lines of buses that could easily get you around anywhere you need. Most of Angers doesn’t speak english (as mention by some other tourist) but haha lucky for me Raphi and his family does.
Places to stay:
As this time i’ve stayed with a local family, i’m unable to tell you much about staying in Angers except that I’ve search on the internet and found that there are several hotels available in Angers so staying in angers is possible.
Places to check out in Angers:
1)The town itself
The streets and little alleys are interesting to just walk around, plus the architecture is beautiful. Sit along the street lined cafes and people watch or buy a Gelato.(in summer lol)
2)Angers Castle
Which is essentially a old castle that has been turned into a museum that holds a large and really old yet beautiful tapestry. It weaves a story about the apocalypse, the castle itself however has a beautiful view of Angers.
 For those who like liquor, especially Cointreau then head down to where its made~! Buy a bottle or 2 home…its alot cheaper. i personally don’t drink all that much so i didn’t buy any.
4)Le Cathedrale Saint Maurice 
The interior is really well done, not to mention amazing stained glass windows!! The church has a really beautiful organ that is craved out of brass (i think) and wood that reaches wall to wall of the cathederal.  
5) Montreuil-Juigné
If you have a car, then drive down to one of the smaller towns like Montreuil-Juigné which has a beautiful “ecluse” or just a nice quiet river surrounded by nature, great place to take a long walk or jog. (in my next blog entry)