Oh lala! C’est tres joli!

 Kinda like the pictures you would see in postcards eh?
Thats at least, what i thought…
 So this is part of Montreuil-Juigné. A small clearing next to the river that winds down to Angers. Lots of people come here to fish and have a picnic…kids just simply come here all summer to hang out. 

 Oh yeah i would know that cos i’m a local here *moves eyebrows*

A foreigner spotted!! trying to hide!!

I spy with my little eye a Giraphi.
Love theses small wild flowers 🙂

Ok the thing you must know about me and dandelions haha..

All over Europe in summer you can spot a dandelion along the roads, paths, streets and when you do…you cant help but to pluck them up and send them away in the wind! Not only are the dandelions way bigger (some to the size of a baseball, i kid you not) they just make me feel like a kid blowing off the candles on their birthday, Happy!!

Many a time, many picture attempts to take me blowing a dandelions have never quite turn out successfully the way i wanted them but i still use it anyway!

I love this shot 🙂

and this one too haha..plus all the rest below!!

This is what they call a Mariee (not sure if i spelt it right) which really means the mayor’s house/office or acting governor office. It kinda looks like a mini palace on its own…cute.


So one of the days i was in Montreuil-Juigné, I tried a nice french restaurant that was recommended by the family there…i suppose its my first time trying authentic fine dining french cuisine 🙂

Believe it or not…french people have pre-appetizers and appetizers as well as post-desserts and desserts…how strange!!
The pre-appetizers was some funny foamy savory paste and watermelon juice in the center (cant remember the right dish)

The appetizer was some rabbit meat in a jelly square and served with Foie gras, incidentally its m first time eating foie gras and its really delicious!! until i learnt how they were tortured to make it…not sure if i’d eat it again :/

For my main dish, i had duck with mash potatoes and apples.. One of the best dishes i’ve eaten and unlike what you presume about french serving sizes………..they arent small!! (or at least they are but with so many pre dishes and after dishes, you’d be stuff)

The duck was lightly seared so tender and flavorful, different from the way we eat duck typically in asia (peking duck) and yes i’ve learn to enjoy meat rare-er (not sure if there is an actual word for that) since my time in Europe.

Oh lala!! chocolate molten cake!how could you resist!
This was some meringue with assorted berries and some foamy thing..i’m not sure what it is.
Tangerine jellies served with some sticky white marshmallow that has more of a toffee texture…too sweet for my liking.

I dont know how much the mean cost but i think it was about $30 euros. Rather affordable, great food and service… yums..i miss that place.