A walk around paris city

I know its a tad late to be posting them now…but after sorting out my pictures i realised theres so much of Paris i didn’t upload in my blog.!!
This was taking in June when i first arrived and i was exploring the streets and cafes, that particular day was so warm and clear and blue! it was like singapore but with air conditioning haha!!
ahhh pretty contrails!!
Someone’s bottle of wine from a late party last night
So i walked around the city streets from Eiffel tower to the arc de triomphe
I love how the streets are just open like this and filled with crates of fresh fruits and a whole array of fresh blooms of various colors…. the aroma of chocolate and coffee fill the streets and sometimes when you pass a small bakery you can smell fresh bread and other sweet pastries straight out of the oven….very..unbelievable kinda feeling
 The famous and beautiful interior of Lafayette Paris.

You must try the famous hot chocolate of Angelina’s Cafe…(more details on address my cupcake loft blog)
HOHO…. If i’m in paris surely i’d pop by the famous Laduree…famous for their macaroons and sweet tea cakes… i love the whole setting of Laduree and their packaging is so well done!! pretty for any simple gift.
Viola! so me and friends bought a whole box of  23 macaroons, with all of Laduree’s 16 flavors (and extra chocolate haha)
The taste is quite exquisite…the meringue is a light crisp yet soft at the same time, the cream for the macaroons all have their unique flavor but really nice texture…. it isn’t suffocatingly sweet i suppose that’s why they are pretty well known.
Alright will post a part 2 of my pictures around paris soon!!