The davinci Code.

 Opera house.
 Girls doing a Monroe (where the flying skirt) FYI i was wearing the skirt..hence i am not in the picture haha
 Sometimes, Paris has mini carnivals along the Jardin de tulleries.
 I know mega fail but one of the few pictures i took inside the lourve…dont ask me why but i’ve never been a big fan of museums. 😛
 Suspense…i feel like i’m solving a mystery!! btw i love the sunset…beautiful colors
Come night fall during summer on the long long evenings every Friday, Young cool pple will buy bottles of wine and champagne, fruits and food and hang out all along Sienne river and chill with their friends, catch up… watch the sun set and the Eiffel tower light up from afar…the river becomes one mega huge party…
I can’t tell you how awesome it is.