Luzern Oh those beautiful postcard landscape!

A tad late…..ok 6 months late but still!! finally they are on the blog!!
Luzern, i visited Valerie in Luzern with Yingying over the weekend and what a lovely country trip it has been!! Firstly, the train ride from Zurich to Luzern was pleasant and filled with so many beautiful landscape!! All those cute little european houses!! how i  wish they were built tiny so i can bring them home!
And so the city of Luzern!!
Kinda like Zurich but compressed and smaller…Prettier though..somehow… the water and the surrounding landscape. Its quite easy, you could just take a train down to Luzern and it only takes 2 hours.
After exploring the city of Luzern, we took a bus down…alittle on the outskirts of the city to visit Val in her school!! The amazing thing was that the school has an amazing view of the mountains and lake!! so breathtaking that it is only that you are there, you would believe me.
A little vineyard above the hills overlooking the lake! i just think its so pretty!
What i really like about this place is how the blue blue sky is scattered with an awesome array of clouds! and how the horizon meets blue and endless green!! The only right thing to do, is to run forth!!
Not far from the School, perhaps a bus stop or 2 away is a little farm (or several). Where i tried awesome fresh milk!! at first i was hesistant but its one of the best cups of milk i’ve drank!

Now if you’ve also notice how my fug-ugly slippers do not match my outfit i must clarify that it is because my sandals have died in zurich and i had yet to find a new replacement! (so deal with it)

Dont they look like marshmallows!?!
I am already missing you, europe.