My Little Pony

Did you watch My Little Pony when you were a little girl? Remember all those fancy names and pretty rainbow hair and colors!! Did you own one? i think i had several!! haha I’m so glad that Hasbros decided to bring My Little Pony Series back!!  It is one of my favorite childhood toys and i remember tracing them and coloring them through my primary/elementary sch years!!

Currently, this is the ONLY my little pony i own, the rest, sad to say, has been throw away when i was a kid 😦

Granted, the new series looks a tad different from the old ones but somehow i am in agreeable terms with the illustrations, at least they stuck to the nice pastel colors and the amazing locks that i love so much about the ponies!! 
So anyway the new series airs at 2010, however I’ve yet to see it in Singapore…hopefully soon! I cant wait to share what i loved as a kid to my little cousins! 😀
I browse through their website and well gotten way too excited hahaha!! i intend to collect the whole series of 6 of those ponies!! (resolution for 2011)
I took the “which pony are you?” test and i got Rarity…honestly i like Fluttershy but i suppose Rarity relates to me most :/
Rarity Video:
Twilight Sparkle:
Pinkie Pie:
Rainbow Dash:
Finally, Princess Celestia:
Watch all of them and tell me whose ur favorite!! or take the quiz here!!