Beautiful Brighton!!

Brighton pier was one of those places in London i truly enjoyed going to! I took a ton of pictures both day and night…and wow the food was awesome too!! i miss mushy peas!! Unfortunately i think i may have misplaced them somewhere and lost everything i took on the camera!! :((
This is the only few pictures i took on my blackberry…i cant tell you how totally upset i was! cos the pictures on my cam were way more awesome!

The pier itself its quite lovely both dday and night…although at night when all the carnival lights lit up its just wonderfully magical!

Brighton beach!! its really made of coarse sand and stones in a reddish orange color.

The streets in Brighton reminds me alittle of Diagon alley of Harry potter…its a market places of all sorts of funny little nick nacks and sweets candies and all the weird litte contraptions and vintage treasures…!!

I found funny little signs all over the place, here are some of them :

Cute little shop houses of brighton!!

How to get there:
From london you can take the train to Brighton from London Victoria or London Bridge tube station.
It cost you about 10 pounds for a return trip but sometimes maybe cheaper if you book earlier or book online. Alternatively you can always buy your ticket from their ticketing booth/machine.
It takes alittle over 1hour to get there.

Alternatively, you can take buses to brighton too, just outside next to the London Victoria Station there is a building which has all the bus agents selling tix to brighton. (Ask around for directions)

How to get around:

When you arrive you can go to the ticket counter, present your train ticket and buy a add-on for the bus transport, it cost about 2 pounds. It will cover most of your transport cost within Brighton. Brighton is a very walkable place…you could easily get lost in the streets and stumble upon another alley…before you know’ll be surprised you walked the whole Brighton.

Where to stay:

Unfortunately it was my mistake not to stay in Brighton as i think it would have been better as i’ve never gotten to finish going through the lovely shops in brighton! I would reccommend you to stay there for at least 1 night and 2 if you are a vintage treasure trove hunter!! i spend 2 hours in a 2nd hand shop and got lost there! so dangerous!
Ok i’m digressing… but use to find a nice hostel or hotel, there are plenty and you don’t have to worry much about the location cos Brighton isnt very big and its very walkable everywhere!
What to eat:
Along the Brighton pier, there are many food stalls lined up…a famous fish & chips shop stands right at the enterance of the pier…try any of their selections but do choose the mushy peas sides!! its to die for!!
Try cupcakes from Angel Food Bakery along Meeting house lane. There are many chic little cafes all along Brighton serving some amazing looking menus, so many to pick and choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice!
Things to do:
1)Brighton Pier – Both day and night…go with a bunch of friends play some of their games. Buy some candy, have a ball! The memories will last forever!
2) walk along Brighton beach in the evening.
3) Brighton and Hove Mueseums – personally, i didnt have a chance to but if you did you should! Fashion and Art themes fill the museums making it more interesting then the typical “war memorial” type museums. Pluse admission is free!
4) Do treasure hunting!! – There are many 2nd hand or vintage shops in Brighton, you’ll definately find something precious to keep there!!!
5) Get lost! – In the streets like The lanes near and around “Angel food bakery” you’ll find all sort of nick nacks and quicky arty clothers/ lifestyle gifts and much more… These places make me feel like i’m in Diagon Alley!!
6) Take a bus! – Take a bus that goes for a round about Brighton and you can check out the pretty beach houses and as it goes further out of the town, pretty upscale houses with private parks and gardens fill the streets. drop off and walk around!!

There are way more things to do in brighton and i never had the time to complete them! but for more info about it visit: