Sunset Boulevard.

Sunsets at Koh Lanta are pretty amazing.. Barely afew days ago i just return from my trip to Thailand and these are my shots of  Koh Lanta 🙂 this will be followed by pictures of the other islands we went to in our trips..

Oh i also have yet to blog about my bali trip 🙂

We only stayed in Ko Lanta for 2 night out of our 6days trip. Ko Lanta is great as its a budding new tourist destination. Which means that there are plenty of hotels and restaurants, tours and activities but not alot of people know about Ko lanta. I like it as its alot quieter and less damage then the other over commercialized islands or beach destinations.

Do stop by Ko Lanta before it becomes too crowded. 🙂

How to get there:
By air – Tiger airways about 2hours journey, ETD 2pm – ETA 2.50pm. This should cost you about 150sgd/pp, dependable on where you fly from. Airasia and Thai airways also fly to Krabi international airport. You may also fly from Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok
By land – I heard you could take a bus from Bangkok or Malaysia to Krabi. Bangkok isnt very far from Krabi town and should take approx 2.5 or 3hours.
Krabi-Koh Lanta
By Ferry – 11.30am (only 1 timing to lanta) 2 hours journey. Cost: 400 baht/pp (18sgd)
By Bus – Leaves every hour, 2.5 hours journey. Cost: 300 baht/pp(14.50sgd)
Due to the lack of information or perhaps not extensive enough search we only knew about the ferry going to Koh lanta. Other information available to us inform us that Buses or private vans cost 2500 baht/van to get us to lanta, which was way too expensive. Hence we stayed a night in lanta to catch the morning ferry.
I would reccommend you to go by bus (thou we have not tried it) Upon arrival there are many booths offering transport to different island, find the one that sells bus tix to lanta for 300baht, dont be scammed by other companies that offer more then that.


How to get around:
Basically upon arrival on the pier there are many taxi that you can haggle the price to take you to your destination. We would advise you to arrange transport with your hotel if they provide. Taxi shouldnt cost you more then 100baht as most Lanta hotels arent far from piers.
Basically you can walk by foot mostly everywhere, if not scooters or taxis are readily available to pick you up along the road.
Where to stay:
I stayed in Escape Cabins which cost 50USD/Rm. I booked from, when i emailed her, the owner of the hotel charged me more then what was offered at (which usually is not the case with hotels) Other than that, shes very friendly and is willingly to brief you about where about to eat/go. The rooms are each a small house on their own, nicely designed with great facilities like free wifi, DVD player and cable channels. There is also a nice pool out at the front if you decide to swim in salt-less water.
It is 5mins walk to the beach and has a excellent thai restaurant just across the street…very convenient.There are other high-end hotels as well as beach side chalets that maybe alittle noisier or have more mosquito. Now during peak season everything is about 1800baht – 3500 baht dependable on where you stay.
What to eat:
Thai fooodddd…its just great!! there are many beachside cafes or roadside cafes to try from… if you stay at escape cabins, try the restaurant just right opposite of the hotel, the food is really yummy thai food (and i’m a singaporean that rather pickey with thai food)

Food in Ko Lanta is generally cheaper then in Phi Phi island (as with everything else in general) It cost about 50 to 80 Baht for a good meal.

What to do:
Lanta is a great island to just tan and relax, play in the waves, walk on the beach or explore the tiny village. They have several beaches and if you have time on ur hands you can visit all the beaches or make a trip to the near islands.
Alternatively, you could book urself a day trip to anyone of these islands:
4 islands tour
Hong islands
Ko Rok island
Phi Phi island
Much more! you just need to ask. All sorts of watersports should be available but mostly Snorkeling. We went to Ko Rok island from 1200baht which includes snorkeling and buffet lunch. More details on my ko rok blog entry.