Ko Rok Part 1

 Yes oh my fudging cupcakes!!! It can’t get any bluer in Paradise!! Here i am in Ko Rok, There are so many pictures i wanted to post on my blog and i couldn’t decide so i’ve split this entry into 2…this is the first half!!
As you scroll down you’ll realise that Ko Rok looks pretty desert as compare to the other beaches in thailand and its true!! This island is a National Park so no one is allow to built or commercialize on this place, hence it stays almost undisturb and unpolluted (Minus the plenty of speedboats in snorkeling sites)
A longtail boat…typical taxi between the islands of Thailand.
On our trip back from Ko Rok we were amazing lucky enough to see a school of wild dolphins!! I can’t say how lucky we are on this trip, great weather, great food, great lucky and sites… great great great!!
More info about getting to Ko Rok in the next entry below!