We got no trouble, life is the bubbles, Under the sea!!

Sebastian from Ariel is singing “Under the sea” to me right now!
So we went snorkeling!!
  Fish in flashlight looks
(Example below)
Under the sea
Under the sea
Darling it’s better
Down where it’s wetter
Take it from me
Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin’
Full time to floatin’
Under the sea
How to get there:
From Ko Lanta there are many travel agents who offer 1 day tour to Ko Rok. The typical form of transport would be longtail or speedboat which would take about 1 hour to reach Ko Rok.
Price range: 1200 – 1500baht, I would advise you to ask around before booking, also look at the timing schedules. Sometimes some companys stay a hour longer or 2. That may not sound like much but trust me, when you reach there, you wish you could stay for eternity. 🙂
What to do:
For the 1 day tour  this is basically our itinerary:
9am Pick up from beach (dependable on where you are staying)
10am to 11.30am Snorkeling at Ko Ngai (Gear included)
11.30am  to 1.30pm beach of Ko Rok (Includes lunch buffet)
1.30pm to 3pm Snorkel at reefs near Ko Rok (Gear included)
3pm Return back to Ko Lanta
This trip allows you to snorkel twice at 2 different sites but if you arent so keen to spend 3 hours snorkeling i suggest you forgo the first snorkel site (which is wat we did) Which leaves you more time to explore Ko Rok and relax on the beach.
Where to stay:
Because this is a National Park, they arent allowed to build commerical houses on the island (which is great) cos i can’t image how commericalize this place would be an the beauty will disappear like Phi Phi.
However you can still Camp at Ko Rok!! Its 300baht for a small tent and 500baht for a big Tent. You can rent it from the Park Ranger. There is a toilet (no hot water) and i would advise you to bring your food for dinner.
What to eat:
Basically if you follow the 1 day tour a lunch buffet would be provided for you on the beach. They serve rice with fried chicken, green curry chicken and vegetables, Fruits like watermelon/banana/pineapple and water or coke for drinks 🙂 quite splendid. Of course the meals will vary with the days and company!!
Alternatively there is a small cafe in Ko Rok but i’m not sure if they only cater to the locals nor what they serve so if you’re planning to stay overnight and camp its best you prepare your own food!.
Oh~! and pls beware of the huge monitor lizards roaming round the park, don’t feed them nor get to close, they are very very dangerous and can bite quite lethally!!
At the end of the day, i felt like we didnt have enough time in Ko Rok, at best i would say try to camp there for 1 night. Watch the sunset on the horizon and the stars must be super clear at night!! The water is so clear and shallow you can walk from beach to beach.