Ran Tee Bay

After an exhausting walk up the top of Phi Phi Island, my bf said he was surprised that i wanted to venture down a unpaved path after seeing this sign:
I honestly must have been alittle insane cos we walked down basically…almost vertical slopes and these are the few pic we manage to snap on our way down to Ran Tee Bay
There you go, Ran Tee Bay!!!
Its basically one of the many beaches that Phi Phi has surrounding the island. This beach is alot quieter then the others as its quite inaccessible. The only way is to climb a mosquito ridden gignormous hill or take a taxi boat which would cost you 150 each ride/pp.
Nevertheless it was a nice place to visit..it had afew deck chairs a big swing and a nice bar/cafe.. there is a resort house located here but nothing of the fancy sort. You cant swim here due to the corals that are very near the shore but you’ll see an amazing clear and empty ocean.
Great for just chilling and reading a book or sunbathing :))
We took a taxi boat back and stop by long beach which was very beautiful but more crowded than Ran Tee… its plus points here is the amazing sunset plus also more classier hotels. You could take a taxi boat (150/pp again) or walk to Phi Phi town from Long beach