Such Great Heights.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel.
When you are in Singapore, make sure it is your goal to swim on top of this awesomeness of a structure. I mean i’m a Singaporean…and im like “bleahh its another tall tall building” but last week i got a chance to go up to MBS and SWIM IN THE INFINITY POOL…
boy, did tat change my mind.
The night view was amazing…i really could just sit and look at the view for hours… only thing was that it was really windy that day and i was freezing my ass off.
To swim in the MBS you need to be a hotel guest and so happens my friend had a room there so we got a chance to swim there!!
Alternatively, if you can’t afford a room at the MBS, you still can view the amazing view by paying $20 to go up to the open deck. You may not swim nor enter the infinity pool 😦