Rasping Raspberries!!

During my trip down to london, my friend Diana was gracious enough to offer me a place to stay over the week. That weekend i followed her family to Garsons farm near London ( details below)
Did i have a awesome time that i forgot to take pictures!! haha i was a raspberry monster…to be honest i ate so many blackberries and raspberries till it made me alittle sick hoho!!
I love how fat and juicy these raspberries were…super sweet as well!!! how come we cant have them like that in asia? and btw INCREDIBLY cheap.
The assorted jams, confitures, fudge, candies,bon bons, flavored oils and fresh fruit and vegetables are so tempting!!! I wanna buy back the whole shop but its so impossible. 😦
Anyway to get to Garsons Farm from london:
Go to the ticketing booth or ticket machine and book a ticket to train station: Esher station.
Dependable on when you book and whatever combination you book your price differs but it should not cos you more then 10 pounds (i think) For mine, it was free because they had a discount/promotion for 3rd person going!! yay!
When you reach Esher you can go to the taxi stand and wait for a cab to bring you there. Or you could walk…its quite a distance (40mins walk) but you’ll walk pass this amazing field that looks like tumblr images and also a small little town center 🙂


What to do there:
What else do you do in a farm?? Just grab whateva you wish you bring home to cook and pay accordingly…its a big farm but we were aiming for 3 things: Blackberries, strawberries and raspberries!!
Its amazingly cheap that raspberries and blackberries cost $5pounds per KG!! and strawberries are 3pound/kg…gosh i miss the place.
alternatively if you like your vegetables n fruits pre plucked there is a super market stock full of great plump fresh veg!! among others u have the sweet delectables!!
There is a small cafe but awfully expensive there!! and a shop that sells everything country inspired and things to do with craft, baking and gardening!! a domestic wife’s heaven!!
This is a great for a 1 day trip especiall with kids (or if you are a kid at heart like me!!)