Phi Phi an island for everyone.

An island for everyone who likes sports, alittle romance, partying, discovering nature, food and shopping.
How to get there:

Thanx to the famous movie with Leo DiCaprio “The Beach” brought much business to PhiPhi island. I never expected  Phi Phi to be so over commercialized.

Basically its probably the most accessible island as you can come from Krabi, Lanta, Phuket or other nearby island and it serves also as a transfer point to other islands. Most boats/ferries take you to Phi Phi island and it cost about 200-300 baht to phi phi from Lanta and takes about 1hour plus.
What to do:
Its almost endless the number of things you can do. There are so many shops that offer you an adventure you wont forget from cliff diving, feeding moneys, jetski, snorkling, diving, hidden beaches  etc… for an exceptional price of 400 to 700 baht.
Theres shopping to do there…all the billabong and bikinis you could squeeze into your trunk. Get yourself a tattoo!! Food is over commercialized there. The stores are slightly more expensive for normal food like phat thai and they sell amazing seafood although abit pricey…should not burn a hole to the european/US tourist pocket. Many bars open late so great entertainment like fire juggling (above picture)
They have 2 main beaches, one is now a dock/harbor and the other is the commercial beach that has been totally ruin… i duno by the tsunami or by the tourism but looking at a postcard from the shop in Phi phi i am so sad to say its not the same beauty anymore.
If youre feeling adventurous (and lots of stamina) you can climb the phi phi hill and check out any 1 of the 3 view points and perhaps stumble upon on of the several other smaller beaches in phi phi. I discovered Rantee Bay which was a delight. And along “long beach” in Phi Phi…you’ll catch an amazing view of the sunsets.
Where to stay:
Well basically once you arrive in Phi phi you’ll see an array of hotels posted on the board and some locals will help you find the rate and hotel you want…theres photos to see..and you can choose…if you feel its better, you can walk around to choose which hotel you’d like….check the rooms/rates out…phi phi IS VERY WALKABLE…dont worry.

As for recommended hotels i can’t find my list of hotels at the moment..i will post them as soon as i find them amongst the piles of travel brochures!

What to eat:
The usual stuff….THAI FOOD!!! haha nono..theres more varieties here… you should try one of their local seafood platters by the coast…especially during the evenings 🙂 (super romantic) if not along the alleys there are many nice cafes serving an array of food…from english to swedish!! Near the fire juggling beach front clubs there are afew bbq stalls selling excellent snacks /seafood meat kababs…. so u can buy a couple of stuff take away and seat by the beach and enjoy the beauty of the night view or the awesome display by the fire jugglers!
Hope you enjoy!