Bamboo island

Yes i heart Bamboo island. LOL
 How to get here: 
Take a taxi boat from Phi Phi island or Phuket (but its only like 20 mins from phi phi) Cost: 1000 baht for half a day (like 6 hours)
Where to stay and eat: 

It is a national Park so like Ko Rok no one is allowed to stay here. There is a tax (or parking fee for the boats) which is about 200 baht i think. There isnt a shop here so be sure to buy your food from Phi Phi and pack it here before you come down.. Most of the time your taxi boat driver would inform you to buy it or would have already bought it for you.

What to do:
On a tropical paradise? do i really need to answer this? what adam and eve will do (minus the sinful stuff *ahem* you know what i mean) Just swim…snorkle…sun bathe or explore the beach and take a walk along the shaded trees or simple just enjoy each other and ignore everyone else overcrowding the beach haha!!