Beijing eats!

 Just afew days ago i’ve returned from my Beijing trip. I’m there to do some sourcing of clothes, i’ll be opening up a online shop in a couple of weeks so please do look out for that!
While in Beijing, one of the delights was eating!! The cold weather always gave me an excuse to be eating haha. Food was not only cheap there it was great!! Some of the best chinese cuisines i’ve had in the simplest or most run-down of places!
(Do note that I’ve either written the place where to find it or took a pic of the shop front for reference)
First up!!
The most famous Pekin Duck or Beijing roast duck. Delightfully fat and tasty! Half a duck cos about 88yuan ($17.50sgd) and includes the condiments and rice roll to wrap the duck.
“beijing roast duck” restaurant can be found in the alleyways of  Qian Men street (above at night) the alley way sign looks like this (below) Qian men can be reach by buses (i duno the numbers) and also their local train systems under the station stop “Qian men”
Next off!! Street food!!
Charlotte’s favorite candied fruits…basically its popular winterfruits like thornberry, strawberries, pineapples etc…dipped in malt sugar or melted sugar.
Also along Qian Men street is this shop that sells nice chinese desserts like green bean paste biscuits or salted buns… traditional chinese favorites.
If youre looking to try some more exotic snacks then you can head down to Hou Hai (Back Sea) where some exotic fried street snacks await you!!
I wanted to eat the scorpion but i had a huge ball of cotton candy just before that so i suppose it wouldnt mix very well with scorpion! haha i forgot to go back to try! but if i ever get the chance i will do so again!!
 Another street favorite you can find everywhere is “Jian bin” or “fried crepe/biscuit” Which is made like a crepe at first…then they add egg, spring onions, local sauces n spice, sausages and a huge crispy cracker…fold it together for a cheap scrumptious breakfast/lunch/supper!!
Cost me only 80 cents SGD.
While exploring the wholesale fabric market there was this open space where small hawkers set up their make shift stalls to sell incredibly tasty local food 🙂 The food there never cost beyond 8yuan or basically less than 2sgd.
 People selecting their choice of noodles, meat, vegetables then they will tell the hawker how they would like it to be cooked!!
 A bowl of typical flat and wide noodles served with 2 tea eggs cost only 4 yuan or 80cents sgd.
 I wasn’t feeling too hungry so i opted for dumplings…which are made freshly on the spot for you. You chooses your quantity and what filling you would like 🙂 20 dumplings for 5 yuan or $1sgd.
 My batch! 🙂
 mmmm my dumplings!! i choose cabbage and pork! they were amazingly great…the texture of the skin is bouncy and fresh and the inside is incredibly tasty and has alittle stock inside. You can choose to add vinegar and dried chilli oil to your dumplings (the locals eat it this way)
 enjoying his tea egg and noodles!
Near Hou Hai we found a shop called guilin rice noodles shop. Not only does their guilin herbal jelly taste great (cos the honey is just excellent) but their noodles are the bounciest and smoothest noodles that i’ve ever tried!!
I’m not a big fan of noodles honestly, but these were too great to miss!! You can find this shops in most parts of beijing there’s a chain of them.
 Oh yeah! super smooth!!
One of the last days me and charlotte decided to eat at this classy restaurant in Hou Hai!
Hou hai is one of the places you should visit, not only cos of the really romantic views of the lakeside with their willow trees and old styled buildings. They also have nice lounges and pubs, great restaurants and unique shops! the best time to go is evening where you can see the place from day transit into their bustling night life.
 sweet and sour plum sauce pork ribs with lemongrass
 egg whites and shrimp dressed with vinegar
 Special fried rice toped with purple sweet potato crumbs.
Leaf-less vegetable fried with peanuts and rose petals.
The whole meal cost us less than $40sgd per person or 200yuan  which i think its quite worth it assuming that the same meal in sg would AT LEAST be double. The display of the food in this restaurant has so much dedication down to the little decorating details, the ambiance was incredibly good and so was the service.
I’m sure there are still tons of Beijing small eats that i’ve not yet tried and if i have the oppotunity i’d go back just to eat!!