The old and new.

Pictures were taken in the 2 places i go often to hangout from evenings onwards: Hou Hai and Qian Men Jie
Its a great mix of old and new, as a tourist i totally love the vibe cos the buildings are still maintain/designed in the traditional manner but is mix with modern billboard lights or the hip vibrant crowd of beijing. I really like how the old and new blends so nicely together.
To get to HouHai : Take Train, stop: GulouDaJie(Line 2), Exit and take a “Pengpeng” or taxi to Houhai (10 yuan)
What is there in Houhai: Small jazz/live band pubs or bars. Nice unique restaurants, small dessert shops selling exotic local street snacks, Tibetan shops, gift/clothes shops. A hotel is located central of HouHai.
If you have free time, walk around South LuoGu Lane which is walkable distance from the same train station and is QUITE near Hou Hai 🙂 Lots of small alleyways filled with young hip brands and small cafes.
To get to QianMenJie: Take Train, stop: QianMen (Line 2), Exit and walk pass Qianmen monument you will see the street.

What is there in QianMenJie: Famous roast duck restaurants or Xiao long Bao restaurants, traditional shoe shops, really old pharmaceuticals, cute gift shops, major midstream labels like H&M, Zara, Starbucks, Haagen-dazs etc..Small eats and local dessert shops.