A view from the heavens

china skylineThe cascading mountains of china as i fly over Beijing towards home sweet home. Throughout my travel trips i have to say i’ve been quite lucky to be taking window seats here and there.
China skyline
 china skyline
 china skyline
 china skyline
And i’ve been fortunate to be bless to see the most beautiful images in the world. Often looking out the small window was the only form to appease my fidgety spirit. Everytime i look out, i feel like im looking into another world, a paradise, perhaps a glimpse of how heaven would be like.
Trail of clouds
 Clouds from plane
 Wing of a plane in clouds
Imagine standing on the sea of clouds with the warm sunset setting on the clouds in omber shades of blue, pink and orange…
I love the texture of the sea and the clouds its just amazing to be god i think.
Like a mushroom wave sweeping over the sea of clouds.. i love the colors and textures of the different composite clouds
 Sunset over malaysia
Malaysian Sunsets
How could you not fall in love with this?
I’m already dreaming….