Kusu Island

I’d be danged, who knew a place like this existed in Singapore? well not really Singapore but just a 30min ferry ride away but the island still belongs to us. When i was younger i remember kusu island as a place our dad often brought us for prayers…wasn’t particularly fond of it but now its a different perspective.
I feel like i went back to Thailand again or something except with a fraction of the money and a whole lot lesser people.
The edge of Kusu island. Kusu island is really a pilgrimage place, during certain prayer months in aug or jul many people come here to pray to 2 different temples. Other than that, the place is mostly deserted and a great hang out place.
Kusu island is infact made up of several small little islands that are link together by man over time to form one small island. Its so small in fact, you walk from end to end in less then 3 min.(width wise at least)
There is another small temple on the hill which u need to climb up by stairs.Along the way the stones are painted yellow and people would write their wishes on the stones. Its interesting to see what people wish for. Some wish for health, others wish for a lottery strike.
Some wishes written on the wall
After we walk around abit we decided to have lunch and hang out on one side of the island.
Then we explored the place alittle more haha!!
Im so amazed that we can see Singapore from here!! In any case i had fun.. about 3 to 4 hours here is enough.
How to get there:
Take a MRT train to Marina Bay.
Exit out the enterance and instead of walking towards MBS turn and walk down the road leading under the bridge. You will see a bus stop near the bridge.
Take bus 402 to Marina South Pier.
Buy a ferry tickect (near the security booth) $15/person, return tix.
Do search for the ferry timing as its not as frequent especially on weekdays. Sundays have the longest ferry timings.
What to eat there:
Nothing unless you come during prayer season which i recommend you not to.
They do not sell food on the island, except the temple sells some drinks but thats it. So please pack your own provisions
Where to stay:
You can’t stay on Kusu Island.
What to do:
The ferry routing is as follows Singapore – St John island – Kusu island – Singapore
So if you want you can drop off at st john island which is bigger then Kusu, we didnt do that because we thought we could do that after Kusu island only to realise that the ferry routing doesnt allow us to. So next time!
Basically you could do what you do at any beach: Tan, swim, hang out, have a picnic, play frisbee, play tropical dance music, enjoy the quiet scenery. Also during low tide you can do some reef walking or you can walk along the sand bed, theres some corals, fishes, crabs and snails even mudskippers. 😉
There is also a giant turtle..like the finding nemo type in kusu..if youre lucky you might get a sneak peak of it.
Thats it basically, its a nice quiet get away. The ferry trips are longer on sundays.
I hope while in Singapore you make a visit there!