Japanese Bento!!!

Late last night i decided to browse for bento sets and i got awfully inspired by all the cute cute little bento boxes and decided that i should make one. Shouldnt be so difficult right?
I was so wrong. After all is said and done, Benton is an art form. You don’t have to be a masterchef to make these pretty dishes up but instead lots of ideas and creativity. 3 main things to note, though each on its own is fairly simple but together makes for a challenging task!
1) What food should i use to make the different shapes or themes?
2) Will the colors compliment each other?
3) Does it taste as nice as it looks? what flavors can i make so it wont compromise the color/theme?
e.g i could use all vegetables in a dish to make it an amazing floral display or different colored rice but would i have ate a whole bowl of rice without anything else?
Incredibly hard my friends! so Kudos to all those japanese mothers and girls making Bentos out there everyday!! Bon appetite!