Food in bali

While in bali, most of the food we ate were indonesia local food. We didn’t eat at any fancy restaurant, except maybe Jimbaran once and it was really not worth it. I suppose the staple food here is Ayam goreng but its like a piece of fried heaven! Which even place i went the fried chicken was delicious!

Food in indonesia is generally very affordable as long as you don’t go to restaurants catered to tourist. Usually those small local cafes serve really good simple and cheap food.

Lemon Sesame Chicken

Nasi Goren with satay!

This is Happy Soda 

Which is basically rose syrup, condense milk and soda water. Not really my kinda thing. Incredibly sweet.

Simple Ayam goreng!

The local brown rice from the terrace paddi fields served with fried eggs and vegetables

We travelled up some mountain in bali and it was instantly cool. A very nice shift from the heat in other areas in bali. We found this little shop perched agains the cliff which had an amazing view of the landscape.  There we had this amazing chicken cube satay with a sweet sauce and others below! 

Mee soto ayam

fried fish

A really lovely french toast with bacon and orange juice served at our ubud hotel 🙂

Lovely black glutinous rice with coconut milk from the Yipulu Fields!!

Among this we should add that you should try the array of fruits that Bali has! My particular favorite is the incredibly sweet rambutan fruit! I didn’t take pictures of it but where ever you are in asia you should always try the fruits there!