To Europe and back

So now I’m (sadly) back from Europe.
Nevertheless it was still a good long trip and I suppose a good break and now I’m ready to get out of it and get to work (earn some $$) and go back sometime soon!! I’m still having what my friend would call a post holiday depression :((
But the good news is I have tons of pictures to sort and upload. I’ll be posting more frequently now as well.
For my trip, I traveled to Angers, Marseilles, Aix-en-Provence, Arles/Camargue, St Remy, Gordes, Hyeres, Cassis, Lyon (All from France so far) then to Prague and then back to Paris.
And oh! Just so if you’re wondering I was trying to take pictures of the wind turbines. Me and Raphi couldn’t think of the english name for it and for the longest time we just called it “giant fans”.

See you soon!