Raphi’s Castle.

The last time I was in Angers, I visited Castle of Angers. This time Raphi brought me to a nearby town with a castle (more like a giant home) called  Le Plessis-Bourré. It was built by an alchemist name Jean Bourre in 1468. Pretty cool I think to have a job occupation as Alchemist. It’s almost sorcery-like 🙂
 Raphi claims this is his castle, where if he ever needs to show off to girls he’ll bring them here haha.
The castle had a beautiful long pathway but beacuase it closed at 12pm we weren’t able to walk to the end of it.
 Striking a model pose.
 Its the beginning of autumn.
 how a wild strawberry should look like
 After visiting the castle, we drove nearby to a little river to sit. Raphi told me this is where he and his mom used to come to collect mushrooms to eat. I guess they must taste really good but they only appear close to winter time.
The little river.
 Wedding (wannabe) shots haha.
 Attempting to be kids again.
 and up
and scared.
 For lunch, Raphi made for me a special french dish called Raclette. As you can see, its a pile of potatos, slice meat and cheese. This would be a great winter dish…or when you’re having a major meat craving or that time of the month is closing in haha!
 So what it does basically is theres tiny little black saucepans and you place your type of preferred cheese on and slot it into the raclette toaster. It then melts the cheese and you smother it all over your potatos and ham. Sounds simple and good eh. It is except I wasn’t too fond of the smell of the cheese he choose and it was alittle too much meat and cheese for me.