Back to my favorite place.

Its been a year since we last saw each other face to face (of course not counting through facetime) This is the first picture we took together. The first picture we took when we decided to be together was also similar:
Same background just 2 years apart.
It was nice to come back to Montreuil-Juigné again, despite going to several places before I’ve always liked the feel of this small town. Part home, part country, part holiday, part love. 🙂
Its beautiful and undisturb cos no one would really call it a tourist destination (but i would) haha and so lovely to spend the day.
 If there is anything the french people do well, its Crepes. Generally I dont enjoy eating crepes in Singapore. But crepes made by Raphi’s mum changed my mind about it. So we had savoury and sweet crepes:
 This was the only crepe i made, because I came back when his mom made the last batch… and she let me try to make one with the leftover pastry. I have to say its quite a piece of art. haha Raphi ate it.
 Fish or chameleon from tangled?
 Saucisson with chestnut
 Emmental with ham and crisp crepes…so good.
 For the sweet crepes, we had nutella and jams made by Raphi’s amazing mom from Jean’s amazing garden.
This one is figs with orange.
And the all time favorite Strawberry jam.