Little Joanne

If there is one thing I really enjoy when I’m stressed/sad/lost it would be a long car ride. Be it day or night, just aimlessly enjoying the scenery outside or looking at the skies above brings me so much peace and clears my mind and heart.
 The long car ride.
Vaches! oh i love ’em vaches.
Soon after I arrived in Angers, we headed towards Rennes to see baby Joanne and it was my first time to see her. And here she is, all cute and round. It was a family day and everyone was there except Claire and Roman…which was a pity. : /
 She has the most gentle eyes but I guess the whole of Raphi’s family has this really calming gentle eyes. Shes so delicate and so tiny next to Raphi. I can’t wait to see how she grows! Shes only 2months and she can already lie on her tummy (i’m not sure if thats “on schedule” or normal) but for me thats pretty amazing.
 Hello boys how much you’ve grown. I am already missing them, though theres this slight language barrier and I’m not sure if I can’t understand french or that they are saying things no one understands or doesn’t make sense(which most of the adults often tell me when i ask for a translation)
 These boys will break hearts one day.
Especially Mael haha…He gave me a tour around his new house (I barely understood him) but I loved that he never felt awkard, and continued to talk as if I was fluent in french which was great! at least I felt slightly normal. He told me about his favorite books and starwars characters etc…
 Lunch! Roast beef!
 Lovely lovely zucchini
 and potato hash!
 A lovely cake made by a family friend
The cake was great! and its my first time eating fondant.
 She looks worried.
 Awww these kids..I miss them.
Lovely homemade macarons bought from the baker, a gift from David and Cecile (Thank you!)
They also bought me a lovely top which I wore in Prague!
 Luscious tomatos stuff with meat and breadcrumbs!
Bonne nuit!