Forest walk

Today Raphi decides to bring me to the forest. I am, as usual, hesitant about such things but as always it turns out well. I really enjoyed the peace in the forest.
 I just used raphi as a gauge of how tall these trees are!
 We are a totem.
 These mushrooms were the only mushrooms i saw…and they don’t look too edible.
 I told raphi this slug looks like it inspired some starwar characters. Its reall weird and fake looking!!
 A dung beetle…….with no dung.
 Raphi and his spiderweb swatter stick.
 Often, in my pictures, whenever i attempt to take a picture with Raphi, there is always a double shot. Mostly because in the first picture he’ll give me something like this (above) and I’ll have to take it again.
But I’m glad he did cos its always funnier and it shows his true character.
Umm we had to do it.