One of the days in Angers, Raphi wanted to bring me to a themepark called Puy du Fou and it was something we’ve decided on for a long time before I came.
On that day, we went there, it was a long trip about 2hrs drive. It was cold cloudy and rainy and we thought…oh dear…thats not going to be great for the park.
 When we arrive. we arrive to this.
If you are wondering what this is, its the carpark of the themepark. No guesses here. The themepark was closed today. We didn’t check the schedule! and wondered around aimlessly until we found the gated doors of the themepark to see the schedule! *sigh*
Next time then! Well at least we have a funny picture for souvenir…. we had to run for the shot!
 A bridge we past while going to Puy du Fou
The pathway to the maingate.