Its been 2 years since I’ve last been to Angers but it feels almost nothing has changed except the both of us. The last time we were here, we were here as friends and now as lovers.
 Church of Angers
I really lover Angers. It isn’t entirely modern cosmopolitan city like Paris. It isn’t completely a small little town. It isn’t as huge as Lyon. But its alittle of everything which is perfect.
I love the size of Angers, the right mix of old and new and it isn’t have as busy as Paris but you have the right amount of shops(major and small ones) and quaint old cafes that has been around for ages. Transport isn’t that busy and tram rides are great. 🙂
 The church of Angers is really quite beautiful. It is one of my favorite churches.
 Despite seeing so many churches, I’m still dumbfounded but this amazing organ that takes up a whole entire wall on the church. What’s special about the church in Angers is the heavy use of wood and the elaborate carvings everywhere, especially this organ.
Its so grand and the huge statues that hold up the organ and its giant pipes are just amazing.
 Pretty house image spoilt by that stupid fridge
 One of the things Raphi likes to do is to photograph me when I’m doing something I’m not suppose to or something sinful. No guesses what I’m doing here. 
I know its lame but i’m in H&M and I need a pair of covered shoes. Eventually i found a real good pair of black oxfords in another shop I happen to pop in after I got out of H&M. It was only 10euros(proudly).