Tree house

This will be my last entry on Angers or Raphi’s hometown. Soon I’ll begin my lovely blog post on Provence! 🙂

Raphi once told me when he was younger, he and a couple of friends spend a couple of days in their summer holiday to build a treehouse. I think thats amazing, mostly because well…treehouses are always amazing and secondly in singapore you’ll NEVER have a chance to build a tree house because:
1) your mom will be screaming at you in fear for your safety.
2) Its probably not easy to find things to build a treehouse in singapore (unless you’re PCK’s son)
3) Singapore trees are either too tall and big or too skinny and short.
4) Even if you did manage to successfully build it, be sure the government would have torn it down faster than you can say LKY.
So this is the quick pathway walk to his treehouse just before dinner!!


 how rare is it that you’ll see me in sportshoes. I look so stubby.
These shoes actually belong to Raphi and they are too big for my fee but somehow when worn it doesn’t reall look that big on me. (and they kinda match my outfit which was mostl the reason why i was willing to wear it)
 He purposely squash his face onto mine…as if we’re conjoined.
 I love how his town is just filled with beautiful pathways like this.
 Yes me unglamourously tying my shoe lace
 Alice walks into the wormhole.
 And sees an old tree perfect for a treehouse.
If you look carefully you can see the old wooden planks sticking out of the tree. Its no longer there cos some tore it down.
 Wild blackberries
 The evening sky was amazing that day.
Back home we arrived to some really lovely smell. Tonight, Raphi’s mom was making rabbit stew with fresh fettuccine !!
 I really love the sauce for the rabbit, it was creamy yet had a tangy punch to it. I think there was dijon mustard in it. Anyway lovely!! The rabbit taste like a much tastier chicken and tender too.
 I duno how to tell you how wonderously luscious this pasta was!! Its so soft and buttery!! I could/would have ate the whole pot..
 Strawberries plucked from Jean’s garden. It wasn’t all sweet, it felt like a lottery if you managed to pick a sweet one!
Good day and farewell from Angers.