Aix-en-provence little street.

The little street across our hotel, leading up to the old town center was very pretty. It was filled with cute little cafes and boulangerie and even a 24hr sushi takeaway! There was lots of candy shops and fruit stalls.
This way!!
I love how you could see the lush colors of the carpets through the window.
 There was this cute little candy shop which I tried the local sweet it was called Calissons d’aix. Taste like some almond biscuit with candy coating.
 These boxes are just so pretty.
 I’ve alway loved the art noveau design of this candy box.(above)
 Strangely here in the south or at least here in this area..the streets are named in 2 different languages. and it brings a slight italian feel here.
 An italian shop selling yummilicious food!
 I just think its the cutest name for a kids shop.
 Stealing a kiss.