Its my fourth post on aix and I’m starting to think I should make longer post if not I’ll never finish posting my trip.
 In this post we manage to find one of the any small squares in the old town. We stumbled upon a market selling all sorts of things from fruits, vegetables, fishes to spices and soaps!
By 1pm when we went back to the same place, the place has been cleared for cafes. Where once a stand for lovely spices and ripe tomatoes stood now were packed with chairs and tables filled with tourist!
Heres what we saw in the market!
 UGH….ironically how i need them so desperately now for my new shop setup and I cant have them but in provence they were scattered all over the town to be thrown away!!
 All sorts of meat and cheese
 Odd looking tomatoes
 More soaps!!! they smell lovely
Look snow in provence!!!
The first night we were here, Raphi and I stumbled upon a creperie that look affordabl and very yummy. Unfortunately it was full so we didn’t have it that night. This day, we set on a quest to find it again (or I did at least) because i really wanted to eat it. And it took us some time but we finally found it.
 The interior of the shop was dark and sort of had a cave/cellar ambience. Dim but very nice.
 Raphi had to pose like that. (you know that you’re singaporean if u have a plastic bag nearby)
 me awkardly posing as well…I cant remember why though.
 The dessert section hehehe mmm…
 Apple Cider! It was really good! Raphi let me try some!
 I had errr…steak hache and something…I forgot but it was good!! and Raphi had seafood stuff…like fish eggs and salmon in cream.
 Look at those fish eggs…I thought they were caviar but Raphi said they aren’t, its called something else which I cant’ remember in french.
 MOWHAHAHA!!! for dessert I had chocolate with orange confit and contreau
Super good lunch!!