Churches and gardens

Woah this is my 5th post about Aix-en-provence!! Super slow I am but there are just too many pictures!!
Wandering the quieter streets of Aix…how pretty the soft colors.
 It says “Piss here” You don’t wanna imagine the smell.
 Thermal baths
 Where the old baths once were.. they kept it closed and protected. The water looks really disgusting though.
 We wandered around and stumbled into an old church. Generally we’re not allow to take pictures of the church. Mostly out of respect for the community and to protect the paintings and murals.
I cant remember why or how i took a picture of it but here are some lovely images

 A magnificent green organ.
 After visiting the church and thermal bath, this was the last and furtherest destination we went to see.
 Pavillion de Vandome with a pretty little garden.
 Nice try Raphi!
 A box of Raspberries we bought in the market earlier
Heres a silly picture of me for your entertainment.