Saint Remy

On my way after the town of Arles we headed to Gordes but detoured alittle to St Remy’s little town. I read somewhere about the beautiful row of trees that line the roads  here. And well, I had to see them for myself.
 Heres a video of it.
(Please ignore the wind….and my bad recording)
 Here is the quaint little small town,St Remy. The feel of this town is a really nice, like a nice place to walk around discover small pretty alleyways and visit all the pretty shops selling “provence” stuff (tourist but i like) and the nice cafes. Here you can find everything you dreamt provence would sell. Soaps, dried lavenders, different sundried tomato dips or tapanades, delectable pasteries or icecreams, vintage looking deco etc..
 I love how pretty even the road signs are here!
 Poster advert for chocolate & Patisseries
Dried lavender in bunches or packets of lavender scents
 Cute fat french bulldog!
After maybe an hour or so we hit the road again but I packed along some awesome dips and a bunch of dried lavenders as souvenirs of this pretty little town.