Gordes The view of the city

 One of the places I looked up on provence was Gordes. The city of Gordes was really something I’d probably see in postcards or a mythical old map. It sit grandly on top of hill, perched in full glory facing the sun. No other mountain or town rivals it. You can see beyond and far into the mountains, you could see all the little roads leading to the town and the different tiny towns nearby. The view was magnificent.
To be honest, I probably took about 50 pictures from this view point but I really had to cut it down. Besides, I couldn’t be showing you 50 pictures of the same place, you’d be bored but really being here, you cant help but want to capture every moment of its beauty and glory…the amazement of it all.
We came to Gorde from St Remy, the road wasn’t long nor far from there. Its a great place to visit unfortunately I think now Gordes is more of a tourist town rather than an actual town. The place and its surrounds are filled with hotels and farmhouses out for rent. Simply lovely but still not quite the same.