Hyeres in the evening

 One of our last few stops in Provence we stop by Hyeres. 
This was recommended by Raphi’s mom and Raphi recalled having fond memories as a kid here.

The town of Hyeres is really nothing much. A sea side town, shaped oddly like 
an anchor or a tail of a whale. Lots of boats and yachts, it was fairly easy to move 
around this small town. Though it was the first time I tried Casino food (its the local 
supermarket) and i like it (weirdly)

 I like how this street has a whole row of Palm trees, almost gives me a hollywood feel…
or at least, really like you’re entering a holiday resort.

 The sun is setting

Here sit a old castle or fort, bracing the wind and waves every year. 
We arrived quite late so I guess we weren’t allowed to enter. The sunset was beautiful. 
And just beyond is iles de Porquerolles, our main reason here and the trip for the next day.

Us being bad asses standing at the edge of the fort’s cliff…quite dangerous actually. 
I wouldn’t like to fall in there.